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We show you what e-Sports means, what the scene is about, what are the no-gos for newcomers and all you need to know about this sport. 


Our main goal is the scientific work in the fields of gaming and e-Sports, with a strong focus on business models.


Our members have experience of more than twenty years in the e-Sports business, starting at the end of the 1990s.


What is e-Sports? What is not? How are business models work in e-Sports? What do I need to know about the market?  

We've researched on different fields of e-Sports and gaming. Please contact us for a list of our publications and partners we're working with. 

e-Sports made history

e-Sports is much older than most people think. 

We work on historical e-Sports projects, with an eye on South Korea, where some of the first big events took place.

e-Sports is sports

Millions of viewers worldwide in front of their screens, thousands in stadiums, sports halls or theaters. 

e-Sports is not only a sport because of its fans, it is also a sport because of physical aspects and training components. 

We can show you. 

e-Sports book

Our Head of / CEO  has published the first big e-Sports book in German in april / may 2018. 

A bestseller and THE standard book about e-Sports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

The book shows what e-Sports is on a global level.


We support publications, books and papers. 

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